clear bra paint protection

If you have ever driven on New England roads, you would have probably experienced gravel bouncing up onto your car, or road salt being kicked up onto your car’s paint. With gravel, it often leaves noticeable chips or scratches in your car’s paint, and salt slowly damages the car’s paint through corrosion. However, with our Clear Bra Paint Protection Film treatment, we can add a clear layer of protective film around any painted body panel of your car. Doing this will add a virtually invisible, yet durable layer of exterior protection for your car’s paint in order to keep it nice and smooth, preventing damages ranging from paint chips to slight “love taps” from other drivers. In order to ensure the maximum protection for your car, we use paint protection film from Xpel, a company renowned for its advanced protective films. Unlike most other protective films, Xpel’s durable films have regenerative properties that allow for scratches and swirls from road rash to be “healed” off of it with application of heat. Because of this regenerative property, the Xpel film will look nicer and last a lot longer than most other protective films in the industry.